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RED ROCK SECURITY GROUP of company provides wide range of Security, Manpower and House-Keeping services and that includes-Armed and Unarmed Manned Guarding Services Cash Van service, Bouncer & Bodyguard Service; Event Security Management; Skilled & Unskilled Manpower Service; Temporary Staffing; Facility Management and Housekeeping.

Our philosophy is providing “Security beyond Guarding” experience to our valuable clients. As we believe Security is much more than mere deployment and monitoring of guards. It involves through identification of role and responsibilities of each guard and providing training to enable them to perform their duties in most efficient and productive manner.

We aim to make your investment on Security more productive by helping you to save on loss and damages caused by unauthorized and favorable acts of your employees, enabling you to easily access and analyze key information and take timely corrective decision. We do not believe in mere deployment of guards at your site and performing routine task, but supplementing security guards responsibilities with important roles I the best interest of the company and with an aim to revolve the management completely of security and all allied problems.

We support the growing trend of outsourcing all non-core competency tasks to third party to enable an organization to focus on their core competency area. With this vision in mind, we provide integrated solution to our clients by combining Security, Housekeeping and Manpower services under one roof and thereby enabling our valuable clients to avoid multiple vendors and deal only with us for all such non-core task.

We legally and statutorily compliant company. We also have strong infrastructure like Jeeps, Cars & Motorcycles for fast mobility of our officers and staff, which helps to meet any emergency requirement at a short notice besides effective monitoring of services. The infrastructure consists of a well-planned team of staff responsible for administration, vigilance, supervision, emergency response, pay & accounts and handling documents etc. 

Our Corporate office is located Zirakpur and major area of operation is entire state of Punjab.

We are also securing various Corporate. Banks & Financial Institutions, Showrooms, Retail outlets, Manufacturing Units, Hospitals, Educational and Government Institutions.



Before Red Rock takes up any assignment, operation team visits the site for survey to analyze and understand the security needs of client’s premises. Based on the survey report, a security setup for the premises is deigned. A detailed set of instructions including charter of duties for security personnel, client’s expectations from security staff, emergency procedure and other relevant details are drawn. This is of post instructions are prepared in consultation with client.


I. Supervision, Rotation and Surprise Check

The security personnel are supervised by area officers & area managers who visit the unit regularly i.e. at least twice in a week during daytime and once in a week during night for surprise checks. In addition senior executive conduct surprise visits randomly. The rotation of personnel is done. Preferably every six months or as per client’s requirement. The Staff is subjected to transfer, as we do not encourage our staff to become familiar with employees or the union, which is in the interest of the security.

II. Customer Care Cell

Supervision, Rotation and Surprise checks. Over and above regular checks, night rounds and surprise checks, we have customer care cell that keeps in touch with our clients to get feedback on the services and resolves issues, if any.


  1. PSARA License No : PSA/L/88/PB/2021/MAR/3/194         
  2.  ISO Certificate No. : 21EQDX21
  3.  Shop and Est : DER01/202101/012
  4.  Security Training Certificate No : MISG-2020-565


  1. Professional & Trained Security at affordable rate thereby giving you value for money.
  2. Flexible budget option by offering tailor made quotation as per your service level expectation and the budget you with to spend on security.
  3. Modern outlook, vibrant, innovative. Tech-savvy and trust worthy company.
  4. No association with any labour union or political party.
  5. Stringent measures for recruitment are implemented.
  6. Red Rock Security Guards are well trained, neatly turned out in smart uniforms and strictly supervised; since appearances count.
  7. Wages are paid to Security Guards On the 10th of every month through direct transfer into their accounts; as all security personnel’s salary account is opened upon joining.
  8. No unwarranted deductions from the wages of the guards, who when satisfied and happy will perform to their fullest potential.
  9. Red Rock Security undertakes total statutory compliances to safeguard your interest.
  10. Additional Manpower is arranged at short notice.
  11. Regular onsite training and refresher courses to adopt to day to day changes.
  12. Regular interaction by our senior operation personnel at different levels with the clients for proper feedback and necessary action.
  13. Day and night patrolling.
  14. Immediate replacements for non-performance.
  15. Rotation of Security personnel as required by you.
  16. Transparent and Professional approach in every aspect of our work.
  17. Take necessary measures to safeguard your interest at all times.


Customer First

1. We have a strong passion for customer service excellence.
2. Believes that security is not just about safety but also peace of mind.
3. We take the time to listen to our customers understand their needs and work out the best suited solutions for them.


1. We conduct ourselves with absolute discipline in everything that we do, always.
2. We take full responsibility for our task and follow all the involved rules and procedures It's not about the structure or the system or the process or the infrastructure, it's about the people, always about the people trust As TOP IPS GROUP, We keep pour promises.


1. Trust is the prerequisite for our success.
2. Red Rock Security is transparent and honest.
3. Top minimize any surprises to our customers in business by being straightforward


1. Top Security always accept personal responsibility in achieving our desired objectives because each of one of us firmly believes that unless each one doesn't deliver his best, the end result for the organization wouldn’t t be the best.
2. Top encourages initiative and sees change as an opportunity to excel.
3. The entrepreneurial spirit of each individual is highly respected.


1. Partnership is the foundation of everything that we do. A work ethic that encourages every single employee to go the extra mile.
2. We provide opportunities, encouragement & rewards to help our employees reach their true potential.
3. We also consider our clientele as our partners in creating value. Their loyalty is our greatest recognition.

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